Re: Pound v Euro


I agree with some of Mark’s comments and there does appear to be some uncertainty as to what, if anything, the ECB will do in the light of the volatile markets at the moment but I really cannot see the Spanish going back to the peseta.
The BOE is saying that a rate cut in the UK is not likely in the very near future with one breath then implying that they might reduce in another sound-bite – confusing, but I can’t see them emulating the Fed – can you?

Thanks also to 135years waiting for your comments.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how that relates to exchange rates but, nevertheless, very interesting. No slight intended either.

I say that because it seems that people on this Forum are a mite touchy lately, as Melosine pointed out and I’d hate to cause a huge thread of gripes and whinges.
Everyone has their own opinions and they are perfectly entitled to “voice” them as far as I’m concerned.