Re: Post Purchase Blues



Dear All,

What an utter farce all this stuff emanating from Brussels about swimming pools. I thought we were responsible for our actions. Now it seems the penpushers at all levels of government have decided that “rights” are more important than “responsibilities”. It is blindingly obvious that young children should not be allowed to use a pool without adult supervision.Instead of building hideous walls, how about parents taking responsibility for their children! But maybe that’s just too radical an idea for the “jobsworths” in Brussels!!! I think we all know that “hot water” can burn your hands or, if you “do not mind the step”, you’ll come a cropper!!! I am looking to do another tourism project including a “Feature Pool” but wonder just how feasible that will now be? Sorry about this rant but surely it’s about time the sensible majority made their voice heard…WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF PENSION PROTECTED BUREAUCRATS INTERFERING IN OUR LIFES. Why don’t they just “back off” ,trip over one of their EU imposed pool fences and spoil their “Sunday Best”!!!!!