Re: Polaris World Money Train Ran Out Of Steam



Hi everyone I have still not received my contract back from the solicitor in Alicante yet if you are going to use a solicitor in Alicante do not use one (which sounds like a bathroom fittting) in their name. They have had my paperwork for 15 months now & I cancelled their services after one week of sending them my contracts. they said they would return the paperwork straight away. I keep contacting them but receive no reply. I had two men who said they were from the notary in Torre Pacheco come to my friends house where I am staying in August , they gave me a escritura I did not have to sign for it or anything, I could not understand it they just gave it to me and left. I have had someone look at it & it basically says that one of the apartments that I paid a deposit for is now theirs to sell. The other apartment which should have been overlooking the pool was not installed, is a mystery I have not heard anything and kept contacting them. Maybe they cannot get the notary to take this one from me as the property was not built where it should have been and the pool was not installed.
I have just read on the site this morning Polaris World petitioned for a period of negotiation for several of its companies, with their creditors to which they are entitled to under Article 5.3 of the insolvency act, the same route that other development giants with liquidity issues such as Nozar and Proinsa followed.
The petition went to Commercial Court Number 2 in Murcia, and news of the action was only released this afternoon.
This does not sound very good at all, it does not surprise me as the way I have been treated by this company having lost all I own to them meant nothing to them.