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Very interested to read of your experience. We often come across similar circumstances and, like Juan, its very satifying being able to assist.
As Chartered Surveyors, in addition to having the legal contracts we also visit the properties. Thus we can check that all that’s written in the contract is being delivered. As we are based here we can easily prepare the snagging list and revisit the property to check that promised work is being carried out. We also know what is and what is not the convention in provision of items and finishing so that we will not be ‘fobbed off’ with, “Well, that’s how its always done here”, if it’s not!
Same with building surveys on resale properties, where there can be as many problems as found in the UK. Also things like the accuracy of floor sizes can be especially important. Mortgage valuation are usually on a rate pre sq m basis and can only take the lesser of the actual size (usually overwall) or the size recorded in the title deed. Thus if extensions are not recorded they won’t feature in the valuation!
There are about 180 Chartered Surveyors working in Spain now and as Vice-President of RICS España I’ll be pleased to guide enquiries outside of Andalucía which is where Survey Spain operate. Campbell Ferguson