Re: October property expo



Suzanne, Best of luck with your efforts on Saturday , if as a result you prevent one more person from being sold yet another duff Spanish property, then your efforts would have been well worth while.

I note that a number of regional Spanish property shows have mysteriously disappeared from local news papers , after a bit of digging around I discovered the obvious truth that these events had all been canceled due to a complete lack of interest , the last show in Bristol was such a failure that the estate agents concerned have now dropped their involvement in the the project altogether , my contact told me that after the morning shoppers had gone , during the afternoon they had 4 people come into the exhibition 2 requiring directions, 1 for the loo , the 4th wanting information on the gay and lesbian night which is held in this venue alternate Saturdays , needless to say this event was not a success .

It could be that for the likes of you and other supporters the word , just might be finally getting through , buy at your your own risk , and is that risk worth it ?