Re: ocean view



Yes I have now completed and apart from a few problems overall it went well. When we put our deposit down for the apartment Sept 2003) Ocean View told us it would be ready in September 2005.

When September 2005 came round Ocean View wrote to us to say it was ready we went out to inspect and it was excellent quality, if we had pulled up with a van full of furniture we could have moved in!

On the positive side OVP really do hold your hand all the way through because they are based in the UK they always answer the phone any queries are always answered.

When we went to inspect the property an OVP team were there to meet us even though we were 1 hour late. OVP took care of NIE numbers, the furniture package is expensive but very good quality and a great design.

Regular newsletters and an excellent website allow you to track the progress of the property.

We only had 2 problems:

1. On the original plans there was a drawing of a leisure club with pool etc.
after we had signed an original contract we were told that the club would be extra to join, we had to sign to supplementary contract to agree to this.
This was disappointing.

2. On the contract we signed (originally and subsequently) we noticed that there would be a cancellation fee and surcharge if we did not take the developers mortgage we stupidly signed the contract but did state on the contract we did not want the mortgage.

When completion time came the final costs inlcuded 3800euros extra to cancel the mortgage. We used OVPs recommended lawyers who were useless and told us we had to pay the money. This is illegal and after talking to a superb spanish lawyer managed to get my lawyer to reduce this fee to 800euros. They agreed the clause was illegal but stated court action would be a waste of time over 800euros. But obviously I had to do all the work finding relevant laws and precedent etc.

The property has not increased much in value so off plan was probably a mistake as I wanted a holiday home, however 2 years ago there was not as much choice as there is now. If I wanted to buy on the same development the developer is now selling at 40000euros more than I paid.

The rentals programme looks well run but I have yet to put it to the test, will try them for the first year to see how they go. If they can deliver it would be the icing on the cake as self renting is a nightmare, my business partner does this and it is frought with frustration.

So would i definatelty recommend Ocean View but (as everyone says) use your own lawyer!!