Re: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!



After living on the coast for many years and dealing in Property for a great number of those, I am always utterly amazed by how there are so many “die hards” who still continue to try to sweep under the marble floor the hard truth. This is the hard truth to anyone thinking of moving, working or investing in Southern Spain. The Costa del Sol money game is a dangerous game indeed, albeit buying property or investing in anything at all. And this is because of one simple fact. You never know who you are dealing with. Anyone who has lived AND worked on the Costa del Sol for a number of years will tell you thats the simple truth.

To all the other “die hards” who still insist that this is not the case, well, where have you been. By the pool? On the beach? Or just stuck with your head in the sand…….

The amount of storys I have heard personally from people losing everything through these bogus developers is a scandel in inself and far exceeds anything the time industry ever threw at our “international holiday destination”. Its a disgrace and it CANNOT be allowed to happen to people. Peoples lifes and hopes and plans all gone down the drain with their life savings on a “living the dream” pitch from some scumbag ex timeshare salesman who would sell his own grandmother if he needed a beer. These people are called to the uninitiated, “agents”. (Some of you may see where I am going with this). They come in all shapes and sizes and are seen up and down the coast in various “hotspots” or “ideal renting and investment areas”.

Basically, you can see them walking around, acting and talking like a normal human being and you can see their lips move, but somehow all you can hear is “BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT”. This is a foreign language known to a few natives on the coast but it roughly translates to this “Buy THIS house/apartment from me NOW as I wont be here in six weeks time ANYWAY and I don.t give a FLYING ….. if you want it or not or your grannys operation is to be sacrificed for it! Just BUY it as if I dont sell, I don,t eat. I am a Costa del Sol real estate. That what I am.

I really think there should be support groups or helplines for the breed as they truly are a leach on society.

No, I cannot respect the way this coast can deny the truth about how people are scared to spend there money in Southern Spain and its NOT just scaremongering. This coast has a responsibility within its property arena to address this as a whole and SORT OUT THEIR AGENTS! They pay peanuts and get monkeys.

And to all newcomers who are thinking in Spain just remember this if you are at all suspicious when househunting. If it smells like a dog, if it looks like a dog and if it barks like a dog…….ITS A BLOODY DOG!!!!!

The difference between a bad reputation and a good one in a property company relies on one thing. Its agents that represent them.