Re: New Guardia Civil Force/ ACCOUNTABILITY


I would like to believe that this will make a difference BUT why wait until next year? The CDS is rife with corruption now as we have found out from these forums and we need action now. How are all these people to get justice?

There are many 100’s of people in serious situations who have been duped by rogue developers and agents and are fighting for the return of their money. Why should they have to pay yet again on high legal fees to get back THEIR money?

Some may say that the British only have themselves to blame for being “greedy” and wanting it all. However, they have played a great part in bringing wealth to that particular country.

If the Spanish Government is truly serious about cleaning up the system, why not IMMEDIATE action and will they refund those out of pocket from the very obvious developers who have recently been up before the Courts.

One company in particular who’s name in reverese reflects the Queen of Spains christian name should definately be held accountable to repay all those people they have so obvioiusly fleeced. They were recently presenting at a UK Exhibition so the rumours about bankrupcy cannot be true! Having said that, this is the next step everyone is waiting to see happen.

To the REA’s involved with corrupt developers and who have no conscience – I trust that the law will prevail and you are closed down. Some of you would be better off dancing around a pole for the qualifications you HAVEN’T got!?

Believe it or not – a good living can be gained from acting honestly as many of us have found out.