Re: New Airport



Not sure the expansion of the airport is such a good thing at Malaga. Spain hoping to bring further hoardes of holidaymakers and housebuyers to an already overdeveloped, overcrowded Costa Del Sol. It’s just too busy on the roads already, it’s a bit of a nightmare that will get worse.

Prices have further to fall, many properties are still overpriced, cranes lie idle on unfinished sites, the coastline is ruined aesthetically (for greed), crime is still a problem, golf is too expensive, Bank costs are prohibitive, still too many dodgy agents, lawyers and developers, cost of living is not that much different to the UK, exchange rates make buying for Brits, prohibitive and suicidal, water problems to get worse, Court procedures take years, the Government do virtually nothing to ensure proper regulation of property, backhanders still rife.

But the good news is, the sun shines more in Spain 😉