Re: Naughty Inez!


I’m sure there are a few people like Inez who have a vested interest in keeping the property bubble going in Spain (which it is not currently).

Over 92,000 properties for sale in Malaga alone, the Spanish property market overvalued by as much as 30% we’re told by knowledgeable data, corruption and scams being uncovered daily, weakness of the Spanish Gov’t to do anything immediate about the problem, rising crime on the Costas being reported, destruction of the coastal landscape on the Costas, and the same dodgy agents, developers, and lawyers still operating etc etc.

It’s all beginning to look like Bulgaria, Turkey and Cyprus etc in 5 years time.

Spain no longer looks a good investment, more like ‘house trapped in the sun’ unless it’s somewhere to live away from all the overdevelopment and crime.