Re: Naming & Shaming



Hi Acornestates,

Hopefully you’ve read about my experiences and those of others with the agent in P. Banus mentioned in the latest Sunday Times article. Like you I think it would be great to name them somehow rather like who have a blacklist of ‘crooks’. I agree with mark though about the approach as some would use the forum for their own ‘plug’ so to speak. Mark’s done a great job setting up this website and it now seems that lots of people know about it so spreading the word is growing so to speak. In time pressure by Mark and others as a result of ‘feedback’ will be beneficial, but we could also pressurise the Spanish Govt. either in Spain or in London. You could phone Snr. Francisco L. de Arinoso at the Spanish Embassy say on 0207 2015534, or go to website which is Spain’s Ministry of Interior and leave an email maybe especially if you think you’ve been ‘conned’ by an agent.

Maybe even leave a story with

Keep at it, as it’s time to clean the ‘dodgy’ dealers up.