Re: my recent experience covera golf and country club



I have read communications with interest, I have just flown over to Alicante, and was whizzed up to Covera Golf and country club I believe this is in the murcia region.

What do you mean by guaranteed rental income? ❓ my understanding is that that the De Vere Hotel in this complex will guarantee rental income but I have no info from the buying agent to support this.

I have been shown around also its neighbouring much more established resort RODA Golf and beach resort. Was impressed with the professionalism and quality of build, pool per head, space between buildings etc…

the building i have reserved but not commited to ( until tommorow) is a 2 bed apartment, this complex is twinned with another along the road such that that it will be the same builders. 243000euros.

I have been given the spiel of PGEA internationaltional golf course, international airport planned in 4 years, security fence allround, blah blah

I have been given projections based on 10% and 12% – 3 stage payment, deposit now 3000euros, 30 day payment, payment sept 2007, complete march 2009

I am pretty tired having got back yesterday, sorry i cant really answer the questions raised in this dialogue, hope that this can add to etc. I am open to any suggestions anyone wants to raise…many thanks.