Re: montepego ?



Thanks for your reply´s and your interesting opinions.

There are strange things going on with the property at montepego, the asking price was just raised by more then 15K on the website of the agent
who accompanied me during my inspection trip in january.

So prices are going up ???? Isn´t that strange ???

I really will have a sharp look at the offered properties on montepego – I found about 40 detached properties from montepego on different web-sites.

I will be there next week – for a two week vacation/inspection, maybe we should consider your comments regarding the “quiet” location of montepego and have a look arround.
As we look for a holiday home the only must is sea-view, not to old and min 2 berth.
There should be a lot of properties matching our needs – any ideas from your side where to find a nice location /surroundings we should have a look at?