Re: minus 30-40% offers – what???


Ok, so now we’re telling people they can start making 30-40% below market price offers. Can this Forum sometimes be the Ministry of Disinformation or what?

There’s a perfectly reformed little Marbella beach villa only 50m from the sand and walking distance to everything…been on the market with a tiny little German agency we know at €495k for 48 hours and there’s 4 clients hot to trot. If anyone came in at 30-40% below then they’d get a good slap (and lose a fabulous property to boot).

“Remember that the moment you walk into a property is also the moment when you may have to think about its potential to sell in the future.” Location location location at the right price will always pay dividends.

Oh, and ps, many building sites close for July/August as its just too damned hot to work. Hence it may seem that a developer has gone bust/massive slowdown in construction when is not the case.