Re: Mary don’t get unHinged!



Mary, to trust buying in Turkey would be like buying in Spain when the commission crazed sales people were misleading buyers big time a while ago. What they did and still do, is completely con purchasers by fraudulent claims about resales and growth, whilst not pointing out any of the many pitfalls.

It’s easy for you to say ‘do your research’ etc now, but ‘then’ was a different matter, and even if you do research it can’t be trusted. It’s easy for agents to blame the greed on buyers rather than themselves.

Both Turkey and Polaris world are best avoided at all cost, along with many other countries (emerging markets) and Companies.

As for the impotent Spanish Government, well they are highly responsible for allowing things to get out of hand without punishing the crooks, as will the Bulgarian and Turkish Gov’ts too.

But just my opinion 😉