Re: Mark

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your “congratulatory post” 😀 It is a HUGE relief for all of us, although the money has yet to hit our bank accounts! 😕

We owe you a massive debt of gratitude for making this forum available to us. Without it, we would probably still be crashing around in the dark! No value can be put on this commodity.It has enabled us, “Joe Public” to air our problems and professionals, particularly Drakan, Cesar and Maria to give us excellent advice…even though it doesn’t always sink in!!

We also met Barbara & Katerina through the forum, as well as the others in our group, now totalling at least 23. Katerina has been a Godsend as she is all but fluent in Spanish and has been able to converse with the official bodies such as the Town Hall, Omic and the developers+ many written articles in Spanish, including our contracts, Avals, and snotty correspondence from unhappy lawyers 👿 whereas we could never have done that. We have been able to access information from these sources that have helped us get our result in the Spanish Court.

Barbara has definitely made black days much brighter with her brilliant wit and sense of humour about things that would otherwise have driven us to despair. Our phone bill has increased, especially since they are now on the phone in Crete as I am sure have theirs! Out of all of it we have formed a great friendship, and we are hopefully going to visit them this summer to have a “Grand Celebration”!! 😆 Through all our footwork, we have(hopefully) been able to share our knowledge with others who had bought into our development and along the way give advice to other members on the forum, where we can. We’ve also been the butt of some rather unpleasant comments from some of the REAs who read the forum! Win some..loose some. 😉 The whole thing has been a great learning curve.

We are awaiting the outcome of another “upper level purchaser” who has a court case in Marbella tomorrow(6th July) against the developers. His well known lawyers did not get him a BG 😈 I really hope he is successful as it has been very stressful for both him & his wife. He contacted me, as have many others, through the article you wrote in the Sunday Times.He was actually in Marbella when he read it, doing battle with the involved parties. He said he couldn’t believe it when he read the article! It was an answer to his prayers , as he had been completely alone in his fight. Another vote of thanks to you, Mark. Hopefully, all the people who bought on the failed development of our apartments will soon be sharing in our successful outcome. It’s been a loooooooong battle! We have two more rounds to go though!! We are still a big minus in the money we have lost, as are several others who have been paid by the developers with NO INTEREST 😯

I will certainly will not abandon the forum… much to the chagrin of some, I am always checking the topics,…. and replying!!! 😆

Thanks again Mark,