Re: marbella area


Hello to All,

Thanks for your comments but I think you did not understand my points:

1) good time to buy, there are a lot of people who are asking for 30 % or 40 % less than 2 years ago, there are developers who are asking just for the half of what they were asking 1 year ago. If the prices are going to conitnue dropping, I do not know I do not have a magic ball in my desk.
In any case , now a buyer has the opportunity to choose the property he wants for the price he wants to pay.

2) Optimistic, yes because after 3 years of bad yellow press , I think it is enough or not??, I live in Marbella and I think this is wonderful place to live, we have had corruption with the politics ,it is very bad but unfortunalety happenss every where , in the UK as well. This is not an excuse . In any case the PGOU in Marbella is going to be approved in September and this will bring a lot of estability to Marbella.

3) In conclussion, I believe Marbella is a great place to live and invest once the pgou is approved.