Re: Lanzarote


Playa Blanca is a minefield right now.
Yet another building licence issued by the now ex-mayor has been revoked.
Not so bad if it is revoked straight away, but this one was issued in 2002; 350 properties built and most sold and then revoked in 2009 to leave the properties illegal and under threat (supposedly) of demolition.
I don’t think it would ever happen, but it will certainly take a while to sort out.
Most Ayuntamiento’s under fire right now…there has been a huge swoop by Policia Nacional, they didn’t even inform Policia Local (that gives you an indication of the “not what you know but who you know” state of things) who went into Ayuntamientos and ordered staff to leave immediately taking nothing at all with them whilst searches were carried out. Lots of arrests…some set free…others still under intense scrutiny.
Talks of “expenses scandals” in the UK pale into insignificance when you see the monetary amounts involved here…

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