Re: Language learning


We found free lessons through our local adult education centre (centro de adultos). However, this doesn’t seem amazingly well advertised here – a poster on the Ayuntamiento wall. We don’t live in a main city and other english speakers are rare. I’m learning with a Romanian and Morracan now!

I moved here in September with very minimal Spanish (sorry, but I wasn’t expecting things to happen so quickly and thought I had a while longer to learn!) and have always found language learning hard.

BUT I have found it much much easier being here and after 5 months of lessons can do all the normal day to day things, shopping, hair cuts etc and have conversations about my children/husband/house/ what I’m going to do etc etc with others.

Another thing worth looking out for are “intercambios” where you met with a Spaniard learning English and do 30 mins in Spanish and 30 in English..but watch out or else you’ll end up with too many – I now seem to have 4 but as I said native speakers are rare here!

If you mean duvets – IKEA sell them really cheaply here…

Good luck!