Re: Knowledge and this site




It’s quite refreshing that people are becoming more aware of the many pitfalls and scams re buying property in Spain, and due to sites like this as well as articles in the S. Times etc.

Agents are though still trying it on with unwary customers telling them they must get in quick etc etc. However it appears that there are many ‘redundant’ sales people around now in Spain and according to chat on ‘living in andalucia’ and ‘general’, one large agent said to be Interealty has just closed down.

Occasionally there are a few very sad people (Frank) who seem to revel in peoples’ misfortune regarding investing on that site, whereas I’ve found that on this site people primarily help each other based on their own often bad experiences. This site has so far been the only unbiased site to refer to in my experience, although it is good news that there are a few ‘name and shame’ sites appearing too. and as their approach is also useful.