Re: Joe Neutral?


Joe Neutral, for someone to personally lambast me the way you are when you don’t reveal yourself is a bit rich. I take it you are likely to be an ex Ocean Estates or similar sales person like Allison C., or one of their failing Directors perhaps, after all, if you were in the same boat as many on here who have been deceived you would be offering similar avoidance advice to new purchasers. The crooks didn’t want the party to stop.

It’s only certain agents and developers, and PB, who don’t want the truth to out and our experiences are there for all to share. Some of us have been supporting this site since it’s inception and we will continue to bang the drum for things to change.

BTW I’m not sooooo wrong about the commissions charged, Taylor Woodrow may be one fairly reputable developer who only gave 5% but the likes of Ocean were demanding and getting as much as 30% in their heyday. Would you like to look at all the S. Times articles on their tactics in Spain and Turkey, they did their research thoroughly.? 8)