Re: Jávea Vs. Torrevieja – Thank you for your posts



Dear Lenox, Claire, Shakeel, Flosmichael, El anciano, Katy, Angela, Axwhale, Mark, and Vince in particular,

Thanks a lot for your time and expression of your views.

The reason of my question here is as follows:
My initial idea has been and still is to buy an apartment in Jávea. But an active estate agent (based in Torrevieja with an extra office in Benidorm), having learnt by chance about my intention, started convincing me to buy through him exactly in Torrevieja without giving objective reasons, except an important one – the price. The agent has not convinced me but has been very emotional and seemed to be sure of him. Since, I have had no objective arguments supporting Jávea against Torrevieja, I’ve posted my question.

Now, that I know your opinions, I must admit that I am clever afterwards: I’ve preferred Jávea to Torrevieja from the very beginning. (You are supposed to feel some irony here).

The only question is if I can afford an apartment which meets requirements of my wife.
Here I hope Vince could help me with his valuable advice.

Only one question to Shakeel: why do you discard both choices? Could I please ask you to give your arguments, if possible, even subjective ones?

Warmest regards,