Re: inspection



the new senorio promoted by Sierra Blanca estates who have billboards all over Marbella saying “you can trust us” with pictures of Dad and the boys – ha ha ha – this last phase took five years to build and is in a ditch facing east with no sun at all (ditch was a stream)

i guess there are re sales in the first phases which are lovely albeit high service charges.

as for sweetie pie agents warning you about the big agents they invariably worked for VIVA etc before being sacked – so they know the tricks. If you contact a one man band make sure they at least have an office and the requisite legals for operating in Spain. The town is teeming with agents working freelance from their cars/ mobile phones –

the conclusion that one reaches is not to believe anyone as they are all desperate and need to sell at whatever cost – reverse tactics are the new hard sell – wolves in sheeps clothing!!