Re: I thought this might happen


Suzanne,I seriously would not bother responding to this factually and materially wrong thread,it is nothing more than a derranged rant ,responding will only result in having to come down to this level,which is subteranean ,no doubt there will be the ususal nonsence about being allowed an opinion,just because it does not accord with yours blah blah blah,

In leaving them to die a slow death due to the utter low life level of their obvious motives they will just show themselves up for what they truly are,
any set up that puts their own narrow and morally defunct objectives,before those of their contributors should be given a wide birth.

Eye on Spain ,is not a web site that anyone I know has bothered with, when I first considered Spain like most people with a brain ,I seemed to naturally drift to this site and Typically Spanish.I think there are too many obviously sponsored postings and adverts,hey just a personal opinion,!!,