Re: huge volume for sale?


92000 for sale just in Malaga area suggests many are overpriced though, and why would anyone wish to buy off-plan now with all the risks we read about here etc, mis-selling, hype, lies, agents exhorbitant commissions added on, etc etc, and why would anyone now want to buy with stage payments effectivally funding the build in such a weak market?

We don’t make stage payments in the UK so why do it abroad, my advice is not to buy off-plan in Spain or elswhere unless it’s a max. of 10% down, balance on completion (as in UK) which might then focus the minds of the dodgy developers and agents?

And, don’t forget to negotiate hard 20% + off the agents price if you do fall for their spiel, get a cooling off period of 2 weeks at least to get your deposit back, everything down to the last detail in writing by all concerned including specifications and brochure signed legally, construction delay penalties, and trust no-one etc etc.