Re: honest agents?




Stewlanz, you say you’re honest and if so you might blame the dishonest cowboy agents for your post since because of them, you’ve been tarred with the same brush I’m afraid.

When so many people on this site level vitriol and complaints towards certain agents, it is because the majority have been taken for a ride, ripped-off etc by those agents often mentioned here. As you know I have banged the drum against one large agent for years BECAUSE they deserve it, they are still misleading people after all these years. Because of them, I lost faith in agents on the Costas and there are a good few that I wouldn’t go near with a bargepole now.

How do new purchasers/investors find ‘honest’ agents and Developers and Lawyers in Spain with confidence after all the bad publicity, other than word of mouth, but even then there may always be a question mark?

I think it is wrong to now blame others for what was the fault of various agents who often post here under other names (why can’t they be open about themselves?). Unfortunately Spain has a bad and often corrupt property reputation which needs sorting out, you seem like a victim of this!