Re: Hi Melosine,


We were shown the Green Hills site by Ocean Estates. We had looked at several other properties with them. We did not go on a “viewing week-end” We were staying in Frigiliana, and took one day out “just to look “!! On seeing the location and another development by Grupo Eralia, it certainly had the “WOW!” factor…….so we put the wheels in motion. as anybody will tell you who has/was buying there, it is a lovely location and, Grupo Eralia DO build very nice developments. We saw 3 others they are building now, when we went out in May, but they are all over the 400,000 euros mark and that is too much. Also, not in such a good location. The problem lies in Grupo Eralia not returning the deposit back to those people they have let down. Our contracts expire in October 2005 with them. Do they really think anyone is going to renew their contract with them IF they ever got planning permission? I wonder what will happen to that parcel of land in the future? Personally, I would welcome the opportunity to let the world know how badly we have been treated ( my husband is less keen!) But often these companies just want to make a good program for themselves, with little respect for the victims. Thank you for your concerns. It is appreciated.