Re: here sai. lost the p*lot


Harry said “And just take a look at what you all have to say about this.
I said on another post that I thought many of you had lost the plot.
You must take responsibility for what you say here.

Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your forum and got hooked temporarily.
I find it dreadful when good honest people are scammed out of their hard earned savings. These guys are brit gangsters with all the kudos and prestige that brings them. Totally undeserved. But I can’t believe this Harry guy. He is obviously a friend or relative of these characters or involved in some property scamming himself. No-one would ‘leap’ to the defence of these conartists otherwise. He could even be one of the guys or even the main man, upset to read you talk of his death is such a disparaging way even though he may be alive and well and responding to your comments.
However, I must pick up Harry on his typo. He says that many of you had lost the plot. Surely he meant lost the pilot!!
This could be a freudian slip. Maybe he is the pi-lot who did a last minute parachute jump to eveade detection.
I suggest you all meet up together in Marbella, try to find Hearsay Harry and ask him for your money back!
Mr C Ment