Re: Green Hills


Claire, As Im sure you are aware, I know who you refer to at our company, we received our commission from the developer when you purchased your unit and it was nowhere near 15%. You would not have been able to buy from the developer any cheaper direct. We have no commission direct from you, also the fact that you may have been sold did not go ahead would not be down to O***n, if the developer has their plans for certain blocks revoked, how can that be the agents fault, the rep offered you an alternative as you were unhappy with your particular situation, if you are looking for a comparable unit offplan 3 years down the line, would you expect to pay the same? I think not, the planning for the golf was not given licence, again down to the townhall. One thing after another. If you need any help then please let me know on the forum, although I sure that any solution I offer to you will not be satisfactory. Happy New Year 😆