Re: Good debate?



As Goodstich44 says, I and some others would just like to see H, T, & I regarding pricing of property in Spain. My suggestion was to see commission legally shown in the price of any property on the market through an agent from the start, and as that can be so high even 20,30,40% of the price it would clearly demonstrate by how much the property is overpriced, and how greedy that agent is.

I don’t think commissions of tens of thousands of euros can be likened to mark up on food, because we are not bombarded with scams on amounts we have to pay for food daily to live, but property seems a licence to print money in Spain and Emerging markets by these dishonest regularly mentioned agents.

There are a lot of so called new agents’ advertising in the Press and on TV, all jumping on the overseas property bandwagon, ex timeshare and others who’ve worked for Spain’s property rogues, (you can tell them a mile away) just wideboys trying to rip off many more naive purchasers. ‘Make hay while the sun shines and stitch up your fellow countrymen/women’.

As for belonging to AIPP, Bentley, Mercedes, Jaguar awards for Best Agent, Developer, Development, none of these are worth a light, you can ‘buy’ these awards.

These Agents would resist this Transparency like the Plague methinks.