Re: good agents


Charlie wrote:

“If you can’t answer your own question about how to check if an agent is good or bad (something you accuse buyers of not doing), how on earth do you expect buyers who come out to Spain to do it? “

Despite living in Spain 16 years, I am happy to admit that I don’t have all the answers to the question. And I will almost certainly go to the grave without finding all the answers to this question – or any other.

(In fact, I would suggest that a forum discussion is practically impossible if one of the participants is totally convinced that he or she knows the whole answer.)

My suggestions about how to identify a good agent will be inevitably tilted to favour the type of agency I run.

However, as Ditter points out, somebody should get the ball rolling and so I will propose a several points. However, please don’t jump on me for suggesting points that simply favour myself.

1. Look for an agency that clearly identifies its owners, physical address, and tax registration.

2. Look for an agency that handles a relatively small number of properties in a small geographical area and so has direct contact with all of its sellers and knows the patch.

3. Look for an agency that actively markets resales and new developments.

If this discussion gets going, I will add some other suggestions later.