Re: Get the phone!



Telefonica can be an extremely difficult company to deal with and I often wonder whether they really have their heart in the fixed telephone business.

The classic way of obtaining a phone is to ring 1004 and ask for a phone to be installed. You will need on hand your address, national identity number, a contact telephone number to be answered by a Spanish speaking friend, and your bank details. Be sure to get a reference number from Telefonica as you will need this for any subsequent complaints.

They do have an English speaking service, but I believe better results are obtained using the normal Spanish speaking service. Get a friend to help.

If you strike lucky and Telefonica phone you to arrange a time to install – then do not play hard to get. Whatever time they suggest is just fine. If you explain that, say, the most convenient time for you is next Tuesday between 11.30 and 12.00 then you may never hear from them again.

In any event, be prepared for the possibility that you hear nothing from Telefonica. This is especially likely if you live in a rural area or a newly constructed urbanisation.

If you hear nothing after a month then you must take action. If you sit patiently waiting, then Telefonica will simply bin your application.

Best results are obtained by protesting to the Spanish national ombudsman (Defensor del Pueblo) in Madrid. A standard letter with address in Spanish can be copied from this address:

Telefonica takes complaints from the ombudman seriously, and the ombudsman’s office is generally efficient in following up on complaints.

Phone lines can generally be upgraded to include broadband if you live within three kilometres of the local exchange – as the line travels.

Good luck!