Re: General Forum


Hello Mark,
I think that General Forum should really be general topics rather than property problems or queries only because “General” implies exactly that – general topics.
Perhaps it would be better to have all of the property-related topics under a General Property Forum instead and leave the General Forum for everything else?
It would attract a lot more people I think because everyone contributing to this site seems to have some knowledge that would be useful or even valuable to others dreaming of moving to Spain, whether it be property knowledge or basic day-to-day stuff that everyone living in Spain encounters but to those not living in Spain it’s all a bit mysterious.

As you know, there are other sites similar to this one but they do tend to be under-utilised and a bit insular. This site is probably the best that I’ve encountered so far and is a very interesting source of information on Spain, the Spanish, the country itself and of course the Bureaucracy.
Get more people logging-on and who knows – this could be THE SITE that people go to for information. The possibilities are endless.