Re: Gandia Estate Agents, are BAD VERY BAD



DEAR READERS (Latchy mainly).
Just a quick note to add the following,We sent a letter by recorded delivery to our agent in mid Dec 2006,asking for contact and replies to e-mails.
We had this letter returned to us yesterday 02/02/07 after the Spainish Postal service tried to deliver it 3 times and left notice that it was available for collection,but they,as us could not get any reply,so I ask again what do you do if the agent takes your money and runs?. have not made any contact with us in over 2 months but took our 3000.00 euros and said they gave it to a lawyer appointed by them,who we have had little or no contact from.
Phil and Maria of of Gandia only want to look after their own interests,buyers beware they will tuck you up,give them nothing until you have something and then ask more questions.
If you wish search all my postings buy looking for SHADOW