Re: Forums



Barbara….Ouch….What was that for??

Im sorry you didnt like my statement (“I work on Blanca and Calida and many of the problems from the Sol never happen in our region”) but it is a fact. I have been selling for 14 years and every client has Escritura, LFO and I can share a drink with any of them at any time.

Reading through your posts I can see you had a bad time but please don’t tar me with the same brush as who ever you dealt with. This was my point about not seeing the same problems in my area.

Please take a bit more time when reading what I said. I didnt mention a new “general forum”. I suggested region specific forums and a forum for buyers who can recommend the area they have bought in. You wont find any mention of a self promotion area for agents.

What is strange with your posting is that you want to strangle debate in an open forum by choosing who to ban from posting. Many agents etc etc that come here offer good advice, generally of a better quality than “Joe Public” can offer and do it without looking for business.

Forums should be open to all.

Best wishes