Re: Forming a pressure group


Thank you suzanne i am as you mention a new member, but have been reading the forum for sometime,to be frank i thought about mentioning some time ago the possibility of setting up an organisation to fight the abuse’s that have occured,however i waited untill it became apparent that by and large you were all fighting your own corner

You have almost immediatly got off to an excellant start ,giving your group a catchy name, neatly abrieviated,banner slogan next along the lines of fighting property fraud in Spain,rubbish, that attempt but you get the picture,the boring stuff will follow next , such as forming an association with a chair/president,folowed by the enivitable committee to impliment policy, and remain legal.Money, the next tricky bit but to achieve real impact you will need some funding ,first route is to raise funds by subscription to the group this should pay for news letters, setting up your own web site,with links to SSI of course!,producing leaflets for distribution at airports etc,informing people right from day one,for example,remember
no one likes bad publicity,and when you get asked to leave the airport make certain the press and tv are there to record the event

Representation is key, most of the big cases of the day are settled with an eye on EU human and civil rights law,this is where the solution to your cases lie

Golden rule never give up, you all have a strong legal and moral case,your objective is to keep this matter in the public eye, this is where
lpoliticions live and breathe ,your cases’s need the oxygen of publicity,this will sustain you through all the hard work ahead such as fund raising and maintaining the vital media contact.This situation will take more than a few well aimed letters to MEPs’ and politicians to resolve,however the one key ingredient that exsists on the forum is common sense,the clear and concise way your proplems are being discussed is a credit to you all,also there is knowlege and a lot of wisdom,harnessed well and i feel that you will prove to be a very skillfull adversary, against all those who have done you down. I think this is pm time for everyone to get together and start getting organised,One letter/email can be ignored, one thousand cannot. BOL Gary