Re: Ethics of Estate Agents in Spain




Mark, we have spoken before on this subject and I am particularly pleased with your approach to ‘clean’ up these dodgy practices.

Is there any way to pressurise the Spanish Government and the regulatory bodies there to force agents to be members of a bona fide register who would monitor and eject such agents from operating in Spain?

To often, agents hide behind a plethora of questionable awards for being the best agent in Spain such as Bentley International and Jaguar who are after all car manufacturers and nothing to do with property. I don’t believe for one moment that these awards are worth a light yet these agents ‘boast’ of such awards in the National Press adverts.

The whole industry in Spain especially the Costas Del Sol, Blanca and now the so called ‘new’ costas for development, need cleaning up along with many of their law firms who are hand-in-glove with these agents.

An expose on UK television would also be welcome.