Re: Estate Agents Commissions


Hola Chris,

Still not 100% clear.If I make an offer to buy a property through your agency and my lawyer prepares the private contract between me and the vendor, will the price still include the 1% you charge for legal fees?

Also, will your firm clearly state the amount included within the price for fees? For example: If I buy a property for 200,000€ the commission and legal fee included in the total sale price will be 6725.94€ inc IVA. Thus the bricks and mortar will be 193,274.06€ and the charges 6725.94€. The notario etc. are of course in addition to this.

Are you still going to use “celebrity” endorsement to promote your company? Speaking personally, nothing makes me run faster than the thought that a sports/soap/big brother etc….personality recommends
a particular agency!