Re: Estate Agents Commissions


Hola Chris,

Another couple of questions. I see you are reducing your commission to 2% + IVA of 16%. This will be payable by the vendor out of the sale price achieved. Will you also be charging the purchaser another 2%+IVA? And, will you quote the selling price inclusive of your commission. I understand that Spanish consumer protection law requires an agent/developer to provide a “Documento Informativo Abreviado” ( a precis of information on the property plus a breakdown of all the costs associated with the sale) to a buyer. I assume you will be complying with this obligation. Look forward to your reply. I have no love for intermediaries in the real estate game here but it let’s hope that your presence in a forum openly hostile to many in the property sector might be an indication that the tide is turning in the favour of the consumer. Vamos a ver!