Re: Estate Agents Commissions



Well said hombre! My post was couched in “softer” terms. If this guy Chris is so miffed about posts re his company,fees etc.. why doesn’t he just tell us what his charges are. I just don’t get it. I currently run a lovely little guest house (fully Legal!) from the house I restored and I charge 95 and 105€ per room per night,IVA and brekky included. I worked for years as a commercial property consultant (chartered surveyor) and our fee structure was openly quoted to clients. I don’t hide the room charges for my biz, so why is this guy( and loads of other intermediaries) so shy about quoting his commissions in a transparent manner? I think you,I and many other users of this forum already know the answer …! So come on Senor Chris, how much do you charge for selling a property?