Re: Energy Costs


[Katy said”Our winter electric bill varies from 150 to 180 monthly (Spain) only used to heat one bedroom, the rest is gas CH”.]

That seems a very high figure Katy. 😯 I know that electricity can be very high in Spain (and we moan about it here!) but that would cripple us here.

For the past 5 months we’ve been paying £7.50 per month but we would normally use about £18 – £20 per month with one quarter probably going up to £28 per month tops, (DD overpayment there 👿 ).

We have Gas Central Heating in a 3-bedroomed house and as there’s just the two of us, both working, our fuel bills are pretty low; gas about £32 per month averaged over the whole year, (obviously low in the “Summer” months!”).

I’m going to have to revise my future Spanish costs estimates again if that’s typical expenditure 🙁 .