Re: Embargoes on non resident bank accounts.

Arthur Stuttard

I had this problem several years ago when the Banco de Bilbao stopped receiving payments into my bank account (but continued to pay out) because I had not provided them with my latest passport number ( for which they had never asked).
I have just received a letter in England from my present bank (Caja Canarias) asking for a certificate of non residence within 2 months, for which they have already charged me 12 euros, and this despite having signed a declaration with them a year ago for the purposes of the Modelo 214 tax return. Fortunately I hope to be in Tenerife within the next 2 months and will deal with it then.
Do not expect any help from the British Embassy unless you are prepared to give a champagne reception. I have found them to be completely unhelpful in relation to similar problems in the past.
A complaint to your MEP might have some effect, but don’t hold out too much hope.