Re: Doing your money in Spain!



Thanks Goodstich, Fuengi et al who agree, I thought this might be a bit controversial and get slated by some of the naughty agents who post.

As you quite rightly say, even what you buy off-plan, will almost definitely not match the artist impression nor the original specification that the mis-selling agent/developer gave you in order to grab your deposit. Beware of their ‘in bed’ recommended lawyer too!

The example I gave was based on a 10% commission included by an agent, however we all know this is often much higher, even as high as 30% in the Ocean Estates heyday on new builds.

More often or not, the client makes no profit, even loses the majority of their money in this market, but not the greedy Estate Agent, Developer and Spanish Gov’t.

Buy off-plan with stage payments, a recipe for disaster, you ‘Will do your Money!!!!’ 😉