Re: does a tough exam justify a high salary


@Cesar wrote:

A Spanish notary is possibly one of the most comfortable (and profitable) professions in Spain

Yep, but you have to bear in mind that the selection procedure to become a Notario or Registrador it’s the hardest in Spain, know a few lawyers, real good students, that tried for many, many years without success (some of them now judges and public prosecutors instead)


I often hear this argument used as a justification for the high prices charged by notaries.

But the point is that these difficult exams are simply a device used by the notary association to limit the number of people who become notaries. By raising the entry bar very high, few people decide to study for the exams and even fewer pass.

Imagine that a similarly difficult exam was set for, say, firemen. Would they then be justified in earning 250.000 euros a year?