Re: Dodgy Agents


We all know that the Costas were littered with Scum agents (not all agents though) but mainly those ‘bigger’ agents in places like Marbella and P. Banus that have been exposed by the S.Times.

It was definitely these ‘Scum’ who pushed the concept of ‘flipping’ property as a safe form of investment to 1000’s of new and unwary Brits. etc, not really the fault of the buyers who were totally deceived.

Those agents should have been expelled, taken to court by the negligent Spanish gov’t who merrily allowed this deception all for the sake of the Government greed. The Government, lawyers,,Mayors, Town Halls, Developers, Scum agents, are all to blame along with inept regulatory bodies like FOPDAC and AIPP, and the so called motor manufacturer awards that could be bought by these agents.

Buyers have been well and truly shafted in Spain, and now it’s happening elsewhere.

Buyer Beware 👿