Re: Deutschebank Barcelona



I have a mortgage with deutschebank in Barcelona and the mortgage was arranged through a broker recommended by this website.

My “personal advisor” does not speak english i do not speak spanish, there have been charges for late payment of my spanish mortgage but the money has left my uk bank by special instruction and three day arrival, shows on my statements etc.

I have not had a deutscebank cash card since the one i used in UK 4 months ago was kept by my high street uk bank , several emails and calls to deutscebank and still no card.

Have complained to HQ in germany , no response, monie shas gone missing for several months, my interest on mortgage has gone up no letter and no explanation of why.

Deutschebank email and letters are in very very very poor english, be warned dont go to deutschebank, anyone have any suggestions for a very good spanish bank, or is halifax or santander best/

I am now refusing to pay the mortgage on tiem but always late, i am switching from resident to non resident to resident again, if tey want tto mess me about and charge me high fees then i am going to make the barcelona branckh work for their money,a s for the “broker” recommended by this site he will be getting a earful when i next go to barcelona and look him up.

I am thinking of buying in Argentina, too much corruption and high taxes in spain, smelly dirty towns, over development, to many laregr lout brits, too much dirt pile don side of road and not landscaped, too many chavs, too many negative things about banks, developers, british estate agents etc, never thought i would ever buy anywhere than spain, but argentina here i come, very cheap cost of living, vey good life for a few pounds, and free flights if you use american express, i recommend timothy ferris book, the 4 hour workweek.

long live argentina, spain is on the decline.