Re: Deposit


Hi VB,

I do hope that Foxy gets it back but my point is there is a signed receipt and (i think) a signed Visa slip. As these do not mention a deposit, but mention work etc in relation to a purchase…..Therefore they do have something much more than verbal transaction.

I will be honest and tell you how I know them. I sent a client to see them who wanted a resale in a particular development and I only sell new. That person placed this same “deposit” and then 1 month later changed their mind. They went all through the process of contacting Mastercard etc etc. The end result was that it wasnt actually a deposit. As a result I had no end of problems with the client who kept coming to my office for the money which I never even saw. I have never ever spoken to K** again. At the time they produced various letters to solicitors etc and claimed the money was actually for their work done.

My point to Foxy was to get from K** what the money was actually for. We would all say its a refundable deposit….K** wil say its an invoice.

On a second point that happened to me here in the UK. I recently saw a property that I was interested in. I gave £400 to my solicitor here as an installment towards their fees. I went ahead and got a survey done and it was a disaster. So I changed my mind and told the solicitor. I got a cheque back for £295. I called them and they told me that they keep the rest for 1 letter they sent to me and for “time” when I took the £400 to them and signed their registration. !!!

I do hope that Foxy gets it back but it will still depend on the definition of what has actually been paid for.