Re: Deposit


Hi Foxy,

I’m sorry but I cant agree with the other opinions that it will be so easy to claim this back. I hope you can but I know the owners of K** and they have been selling there for many years. This is a situation that will have arisen many times before.

The receipt is not for a deposit. It is simply an invoice for fees relating to a purchase. I am certain you will find that this invoice is for sending letters, contacting solicitors etc etc. I doubt if these things ever happened but I know this is what they will claim.

When you contact the credit card company asking for a deposit to be returned, K** will counter this with…..its not a deposit…..its part payment of our fees for the initial work done and then they will produce the receipt and your signed visa slip.

I think the best thing at first is to fax K** and ask what the payment was for and then approach the credit card company with the correct information.

Hope you have some luck.