Re: Defects




Whilst the NHBC is not perfect, it’s come in useful to us (also from experience) here in the last 20 years or so on more major problems with new build. As for snagging defects, it’s up to the purchaser to chase these up before completion especially, and after, if necessary wherever they purchase home or abroad, so far, a lot easier to do in the UK where we’ve bought several times and always had snagging fixed fairly promptly.

I suppose the answer is to try and deal with the better Developers wherever, unfortunately there were lots of so called ‘Promoters’ in Spain whe were’nt Developers but Mickey Mouse individuals using any old builders, it happened to us at Cabopino for example and he went awol afterwards. No redress available from either him or the rogue Agent, Awful estates.

My point was that there appears no such NHBC lasting 10 years in Spain and most other countries, the Court procedure is far quicker in the UK, Bankruptcy by Developers is more rife in Spain (just read early forum pages etc).

MG, your individual UK cases pale into insignificance compared with the Bad Press regarding peoples’ problems in Spain, and, I didn’t say that Bankruptcy was unique to Spanish Developers if you read the post with your own glasses properly.