Re: Crime


In Mazarron I have been robbed 3 times.

I have a fully alarmed villa, although its not a lot of use when my neighbours just turn up the TV to drown out the noise. I have no telephone, so the alarm does not ring out.

I have been to the Guardia Civil and they treated me, and my interpreter with utter contemp and were not interested. My spanish is passable, but I found that unless you could speak perfect spanish, that the police were even less interested.

I asked more questions and was eventually told that if I catch a robber on my premises I could take whatever action I wanted against him/them.

My new deterent is 12 gauge shot gun and a .22 pistol, both of which my wife and I can use very profficiently.

Crime is here to stay in Spain, especially via the now unemployed Morrocan contingent, and the lazy police who cant drag themselves out of the local bars and cafes to do anything.